Stingray Chevrolet Deposit Form

I give Stingray Chevrolet authorization to charge my credit card for $500 to obtain a spot on the C8 Corvette order list. I understand the deposit is fully
refundable at any time. Upon my request to cancel, the deposit will be credited to the same card used to place it. If the card is expired or funds cannot be returned to it for any other reason, Stingray will issue a check to the deposit holder. When the Corvette is delivered to the dealership from the factory I have first right of refusal to the vehicle. This is not a guarantee for a delivery time frame, nor does it imply I will receive Corvette during the current model year. All orders will be fulfilled as quickly as possible per the ordering process dictated by GM.
Which Deposit List?
This is your Waitlist Preference Only. Options will be selected separately. Future Variant List refers to any unreleased Corvette model. (Z06, ZR1, E-ray, etc.)
If placing multiple deposits, please note here. (ex. Z06, Zr1, E-Ray, etc.)

After you place your deposit, check out the order form!

Order form does not need to be submitted immediately but it is strongly recommended! The order is not set in stone until it is submitted to the factory for production.

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