See where you are on the waitlist:
  • This list is for all Corvette variants that are rumored or teased but have not been officially announced by GM.
  • This means there is no regular movement on the list.
  • Your position can change in both directions.
  • There is absolutely no guarantee that your desired model will be produced.
  • There is even less guarantee of any sort of time frame associated with ordering or production of any rumored models.

When a new model is announced, we will contact EVERY SINGLE PERSON on this list to give the option to move over to the waitlist for the new model. 

This does not guarantee that you will have the chance to order since high performance models are usually a much lower production volume.

Your position on this list is variable.
  • If a deposit holder decides to move to this list from the Z06 list, they keep their deposit date. 
    • This may place them ahead of your current spot in line.
  • Cancellations would be the primary reason for moving up the list.
  • The data bank this tool pulls from will be refreshed about once a month.
  • If you just placed your deposit, your list position will not populate immediately.

Clerical errors can occur:
  • This lookup tool is a luxury that few to no other dealers provide.
  • There will be times that we make mistakes- names can get logged onto the wrong list and deposit folders are misfiled. 
  • When we find errors in our records, we fix them.  This often results in slotting someone into the middle of a list, possibly causing your number to go up.

Read the Process, Policies, and Guidelines for additional info about the Future Variant list policy.

If you encounter an error: 
  • Clear your browser cookies and try again.
  • Input NUMBERS ONLY. No extra spaces or dashes. The formatting is automatically applied.
  • Please try all phone numbers we could have on file. (Home, mobile, work, spouse, etc.)
  • Emails concerning potential errors should include the CORRECT phone number for the quickest resolution.