2022 Model Year Corvette Order Form

2022 Model Year Corvette Order Form

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This is the official 2022 C8 order form made exclusively for Stingray Chevrolet! After submitting, your order will be emailed to the address entered in the email field below as well as [email protected] where he will pair it with your file. NOTHING SUBMITTED IN THIS FORM IS SET IN STONE. YOU MAY SUBMIT CHANGES TO YOUR BUILD UNTIL THE ORDER IS SENT TO THE FACTORY FOR PRODUCTION. You will be notified of any relevant deadlines.

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Download the 2022 Options and Price list. (Aka the old .pdf order form)


Stingray Chevrolet will not sell or lease vehicles titled & registered in New Hampshire, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, or Delaware.

No sale is permitted to any person or company appearing on the General Motors Export List or which has the same address as any person or company appearing on the General Motors Export List. 

Additionally, Stingray Chevrolet reserves the right to deny sale to any person or company that may not be a permanent resident of the US, may live or work outside of the U.S., may conduct business or have any ownership in an entity that conducts business outside of the U.S., or may raise any red flags regarding the intended end user. If this right is exercised after a deposit has been taken, the deposit will be returned, the deal will be canceled, and neither party shall have any further obligation to the other.