E-Ray Deposit List

E-Ray Deposit List Policy

  • The 2024 E-Ray was announced this morning.
  • All deposit holders on the Future Variant list that had previously declared for the E-Ray are moved to the E-Ray list by default and will be sequenced by deposit date.
  • Future Variant deposit holders that have declared a different desired model (ZR1, Zora, etc.) will have through January 31st to move over to the E-Ray list with the same deposit date.
    • After that, it will change to the date of request.
  • Moving from Z06 or Stingray to E-Ray will change your deposit date to the date of request.
  • Only One deposit per household per model policy remains in place.
  • Policy is subject to change at the discretion of the Stingray Chevrolet management team.

Here is where we are on the list as of this morning:

300 on the Future list have declared E-Ray.  Deposits are coming in rapidly.

We are likely to close the deposit list when it reaches a threshold that has yet to be determined. Remember, the Z06 list closed 10 days after the announcement.

To get on the E-Ray list while it is still open, submit a deposit through this site for the future variant list and write in E-Ray in the comments.