About Sean M, Corvette Specialist.

I was born in Chicago and grew up in Texas.  I moved out to Florida in 2013 with my beautiful bride after graduating from Texas Tech with a bachelors degree in exercise and sports science.  As an avid ice hockey player since age 9, my plan was to find a job in the wellness field as a trainer or some kind of health promotion professional.  

I began my career in the car business at Stingray Chevrolet in January 2013 as a part-time lot porter. I worked with the fleet porters, parking and washing hundreds of trucks.  As I honed my parking skills I became increasingly interested in the activity in the sales department and, more importantly, the overall culture at Stingray.  It is not your run-of-the-mill stereotypical car dealership.  Stingray takes pride in empowering all of its team members to do the right thing so that everyone leaves happy.  The culture meshes perfectly with my personality and upbringing so, with no promising leads in the wellness field, I submitted a request to move to the sales department.  On Valentine’s Day in 2013, I began my journey as a new car sales manager and by June I was the Corvette specialist; just in time for the storied launch of the C7. I partnered with our inventory manager, Matthew D, to spearhead the C7 Corvette launch, effectively boosting Stingray back into the top ten in the national Corvette sales ranking, and earning myself the honors of ‘new car sales manager of the year’ in 2015.  In my three and a half years in sales, I personally sold over 250 new Corvettes and had a variety of other responsibilities which included being the liaison for the Tampa Bay Vette Club, Callaway Performance, and Chevy Youth Sports programs. 

In July 2016, hungry for a new challenge, I moved into the Finance department.  Boy, was I met with a challenge.  This is definitely the most difficult position I have held at Stingray, however, I believe it is also where I experienced the most growth.  The time I spent in that department is an invaluable part of where I am today.  After two and a half years back there, I moved back up to the front of the house to my current position, Sales Floor manager, where I assist both the sales and finance departments wherever I can. This move, of course, was right before the unveiling of the new C8 Corvette. Following the exciting reveal, I found myself directing my focus towards a field that I have truly enjoyed since the beginning of my career: the Corvette Specialist at Stingray Chevrolet, the #6 largest Corvette dealer in the world.

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