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Important Dates for Corvette Stingray Production Announced

Production build-out and start-up dates for the 23′ and 24′ Corvette Stingray models revealed

Chevrolet has recently announced crucial production dates for its iconic Corvette Stingray model, providing enthusiasts and potential buyers with valuable information for the 2023 and 2024 model years. This article outlines the key production build-out dates for the 2023 Corvette Stingray, as well as the production start-up dates for the 2024 model year. 

Please note that the information provided herein does not pertain to the Z06 or E-ray variants of the Corvette.

2023 Corvette Stingray Production Build-Out Dates

As the 2023 model year comes to a close, Chevrolet has confirmed that production of the Corvette Stingray will cease on September 1, 2023. Those looking to purchase a 2023 Corvette Stingray should be aware that the final order cycle for this model year will occur in June, providing a limited window to secure their dream car before production concludes.

2024 Corvette Stingray Production Start-Up Dates

Following the 2023 production build-out, the 2024 Corvette Stingray production is scheduled to commence on September 5, 2023. Chevrolet has planned the first order cycle for the 2024 model year to begin in July, giving eager customers an opportunity to place their orders ahead of the production start-up. As production ramps up, Corvette aficionados can look forward to the latest enhancements and features the 2024 Stingray will offer.

Important Note on Production Dates

Please be advised that the production dates mentioned above are subject to change, as they depend on various factors, such as production capacity and parts supply chain. Chevrolet may revise these dates in the future, so it is essential to stay informed through official channels and trusted sources.

Final Orders and 2024 Options and Pricing

The final order cycle for the 2023 Corvette Stingray is scheduled for June, as previously mentioned in the article. However, customers should keep in mind that these orders will be placed officially prior to the release of the 2024 options and pricing. This means that buyers of the 2023 model will have to make their purchase decisions without the benefit of comparing it with the upcoming 2024 model’s features and pricing structure.

Informed Decision-Making

While it may seem challenging to place an order for a 2023 Corvette Stingray without knowing the specifics of the 2024 model, prospective buyers can still make informed decisions by researching and understanding the current features, specifications, and pricing of the 2023 model. Additionally, buyers can explore Corvette blogs or magazines to gain insights into any anticipated changes or improvements in the upcoming 2024 model.

Exclusions: Z06 and E-Ray Models

This article’s information focuses solely on the Corvette Stingray production schedule and does not include details regarding the Z06 or E-ray models. Information will be provided on these specific models when it becomes available.


In summary, the production of the 2023 Corvette Stingray will conclude on September 1, 2023, with the final order cycle scheduled for June. It is essential to remember that the last orders for the 2023 model will be placed before the release of the 2024 options and pricing, requiring potential buyers to make their decisions based on the current model’s features, specifications, and pricing. The 2024 Corvette Stingray production is set to begin on September 5, 2023, with its first order cycle starting in July. Keep in mind that these dates are subject to change and do not pertain to the Z06 or E-ray Corvette models.

As the premier Chevrolet Dealer in Plant City, FL, Stingray Chevrolet is committed to providing you with up-to-date information and expert guidance, ensuring that you make the best choice for your dream Corvette. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements from Chevrolet regarding its iconic Corvette lineup, and feel confident knowing that Stingray Chevrolet is here to support you every step of the way.

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