What a splash! Thanks!

It has been just under 2 weeks since I sent out my last (hopefully) mass email bulletin introducing the new website. What a response!! I am very humbled to get such a welcome response from everyone so thank you to everyone who has contributed.

In the 10 days since it was announced, the website has had over 12,000 views from 1,300 visitors! The feedback has been mostly positive and there have been some really great ideas offered for ways to make the site better for you!

The new order form has had the most traffic, by far. Several hundred submissions have come through. I do want to clarify something to put some of you at ease since we have had to adjust and adapt to the new way the forms are coming in: if you get an email with your order summary after submitting the form, that means we got it too. I have it set to send that email to multiple places and team members for secondary and tertiary backups. If you submit your form and do not receive the email, that is when I would recommend reaching out.

I am still tweaking things here and there like formatting layouts and altering functions so keep visiting periodically to see what improvements I make.

Please, continue to utilize the feedback box on the “Updates from Sean” page and stay tuned for updates as we move into the start of 2022 production. I plan to release an update regarding splitting the list into blocks to provide some additional structure and give you a way to make a determination of roughly where you are on the list without posting sensitive information or any other added complexity.

7 thoughts on “What a splash! Thanks!”

  1. I sent in an order the day you sent out the original information
    But did not receive anything back

  2. I know what a job it is to put a web page together and keep people happy is a hard job. I think your doing a great job.
    It is always a on going project. just saying thank you Sean for all the hard work. Art Dorsett van steel corvette

  3. I made a $500 .00 deposit. Now i don’t understand when i will be able to build the car . Do i come in to the dealership or is this done online? Online is not for me.

  4. I submitted the old order form several weeks ago, but I never received a return email or a copy of that form . I tried to fill out another form when I learned about the new one . When I tried to submit it the form would not remit . I called Stingray and was told Sean had just up dated the form and was told to try again the following day . It still would not work and that was 3 weeks ago. . I tried today ( Wednesday September 8 ) and it just kept cycling over and over for me to fill out the personal information . I am concerned because with out this form I could lose my place on the list and with so many forms coming in since the new form was posted it leaves me to wonder where I am on the list . I thought the deposit secured a place on the list . Respectfully, Dr. Glenn Kavelaras


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