Orders in Production


The Order Tracking Tool contains orders placed for production by STINGRAY CHEVROLET in Plant City, Florida.

We do not provide information for orders placed at any other dealerships.

Email  [email protected] or call your sales rep with any questions regarding your order. 

Remember- All orders displayed below are at the factory and CANNOT be MODIFIED.

When your order gets to 3800, contact us to get your VIN number.

While you wait for your car to come in, get familiar with the basic operation of the car in the Learning Center

Order Status Codes Explained

When your order is entered into the system, this is where it starts.  Your 6-digit, alphanumeric order number is generated at this stage and will be used to track the order throughout the build process.  There is no limit to the number of orders that can be entered into a dealer’s preliminary order bank.  After consensus, which is the stage of the ordering cycle where we are informed by GM of how many orders we are able to place to the factory that week, we prioritize the orders in the order of deposit date and note any constraints that may be active.

When the ordering cycle comes around, this is the next step for the orders that fall within the allotted order quantity.  I will contact everyone who’s order will be going to this stage to double check the accuracy of personal information and selected options. 


This means the order is in the factory queue, but it has not yet been given a build date (the date is more like a general window as opposed to a firm day).


Generally used as a placeholder to indicate the order is past the preliminary order acceptance and a target production period is coming soon.

Not all orders will see this event status.

The order has a build date and should get a TPW (target production week) very soon.

The order is physically being built during this time.  A TPW is a guideline as to when the car will be built but may occur before or after the posted date.

The car has been built and is in the final stages of production.  Quality control checks are completed and other accounting documents are produced during this time.

We have a VIN number at this stage.  Reach out to us to get it so you may set up insurance, order accessories, etc.

If you are doing a Museum Delivery [R8C], it is at this stage that we complete the vehicle transaction so you have all of the proper documentation when you pick up the car.

The car is in transit to the dealership.  When we get the shipping notice from the transportation company, it usually takes 2-4 days for the car to arrive. at Stingray.  

Jack Cooper Transport trucks all of our Corvettes directly to Stingray.  The cars are never transported to us by rail.

The car has been delivered to the dealership! If your order is at this status, you should be here picking it up!

The sale has been reported to Chevrolet.

At this stage, you are loving life!! The hottest sports car in the world is in your possession, so have fun and be safe!

How to read the spreadsheet:

  • Find your order number in the 2nd column, labeled “Order #”.
    • Your order number is on the GM Order Workbench document Sean provided to you either in person or via email prior to its submission to the factory.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the spreadsheet to find the “Delivered” orders.
  • All of the info that is available is within the same row your order # is on.
  • Every order on this page will be produced within the current model year. 
  • Delays in production have occurred every model year of the C8 but they still manage to get every car built and delivered.
  • Extenuating circumstances (ie. tornado, plant closures) will be communicated when there is a clear plan of action available.