See where you are on the waitlist:
  • This list search is for the Base model Stingray only.
  • The data bank that this tool pulls from will be refreshed regularly.
    • Your position will have ONE major change each month.
    • When orders are sent to the factory for production, they are removed from this list and that is when you move up.
  • List positions will only populate for those on the WAITLIST.  If your order is at the factory for production, go here to track it.
  • Your spot on the list is NOT necessarily reflective of when you may actually order your car.
    • The top 100 are usually encouraged to confirm their build with Sean so they are ready to submit to the factory.
    • See List Blocks for more info about that.
  • If you just placed your deposit, your list position will not populate immediately.

Clerical errors can occur:
    • This lookup tool is a luxury that few to no other dealers provide.
    • There will be times that we make mistakes- names can get logged onto the wrong list and deposit folders are misfiled. 
    • When we find errors in our records, we fix them.  This often results in slotting someone into the middle of a list, possibly causing your number to go up.
  • As long as you follow the process, this will not change your timeline. 
  • Read the Process, Policies, and Guidelines for additional info on what to do to be ready to order.

If you encounter an error: 
  • Clear your browser cookies and try again.
  • Just type numbers.  The formatting is automatically applied.
  • Please try all phone numbers we could have on file. (Home, mobile, work, spouse, etc.)
  • Emails concerning potential errors should include the CORRECT phone number for the quickest resolution.