New Chevy Build and Price Tool

Chevy updated their online build and price tool for the 23 model year!

Chevrolet seems to have taken some of the feedback from their build and price tools over the last couple of model years and launched a completely revamped system.  It is actually a great improvement over the old system, with a clear and easy to follow interface.  There is a ton of information linked into the builder that shows you standard equipment, included and available packages, and better descriptions for a lot of components.  Of course, the primary draw is the visual example of your selected options constructed before your very eyes.

My initial impression of the update was very positive.  As I explored the new layout I was very impressed.  However, as I went further into the selections, my overall excitement decreased.  They did a wonderful job at the beginning with clear and concise options that are laid out in a logical manner.  Once you get to the “Options” section, things start to go backwards.  The optional selections seem to be thrown onto one page with no rhyme or reason.  This includes features that should have been included in sections that have already been completed so the opportunity to become completely confused about the available setups exponentially increases.  

They even separate the pool of options into generic categories that are very easy to miss if you are not scanning the page for every little plus sign to expand the ‘hidden’ sections.  

Conditional selections, meaning an option that requires an additional selection, or a selection that differs from something you already chose, are not communicated clearly.  Example: you go through and build a 2LT and select adrenaline red interior and GT1 seats in the “Interior” section.  When you get to “Options” you see the tile for ‘Two tone seats’ and select it.  The window will pop up showing your seat selection changing to ‘GT2 seats’ and the interior color changing to sky cool gray napa leather seating surfaces.  This makes it appear like you only can have two tone seats with the gray interior even though that is not the case.  There is no additional disclosure of what is required or what is available in this and many other cases.  

The build and price tool is a great way to see what you are building as you select options. This is one of the few functions that my order form does not currently provide. I do not want to dissuade you from using the tool as it is a lot of fun to see your option combinations on the actual car.  I do still feel that my order form is presented in a more cohesive manner, and I recommend it as the primary way to submit your build.

For those of you who wish to use the Chevy tool, I made an easy to use form for you to share your build with me.  It requires that you enter your personal information so your build can be entered into the GM order bank as a sold order type.  

The new form can be found HERE.  Click on the picture below to head over to the Chevy site to see the updated Corvette page and check out the build and price tool!

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