Production Stats for the 22 Model Year

Production Stats for the 22 Model Year

There are some really interesting details in the production statistics for 22.  It seemed like a short model year, only spanning September to May.  There were fewer plant closures than the 21 model year, but the closures that happened were justified.  The tornado in December and a recurring supply chain shortage mark this model year.  The chip shortage finally affect Corvette in the Park assist retrofit and the really difficult constraints have been additional noteworthy events.  All of these things resulted in an overall a lower production output than the previous model year.

Notable details:

  • Torch Red was the #1 exterior color again.
  • Arctic White with Adrenaline Red was the most popular int/ext color combination.
  • No cars were built with Caffeine exterior and Strike yellow interior.
  • Twilight/Tension blue did not appear in any cars with exterior color Torch Red, Red Mist, or Caffeine.
  • Morello Red inside Amplify Orange* and Elkhart Lake Blue are the two rarest configurations of the model year.

*2022 was the last year for Morello Red dipped interior and the first year for Amplify Orange exterior.  That color combination can not be replicated and was only available for the one model year.  The one Corvette produced in that color scheme is a true ‘one-of-a-kind’.

2022 Model Year Corvette Stingray Production Statistics
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