New March 22/23MY Update

Hey Everybody,

Ordering for the 2022 model year has officially ended. 

I mentioned in my last bulletin some key dates for the start up of 23.  We are mostly on track with those targets in regard to the order guide.  It was released a day earlier than stated, with the pricing to follow on Wednesday.  Unfortunately, the price schedule didn’t make the deadline, at least, in the manner that we anticipated… Car and Driver posted an article on Wednesday morning announcing the updated base price for the ‘23 Stingray, along with Canadian retail pricing.  This is all nice and grand but not the info I need.  Here is the link to the Car and Driver article.  Please note that Chevy can change the pricing whenever they want so keep that in mind if the official price schedule does not match up with the article when it eventually comes out.  I am not saying it will, but I have no way of checking the authors info so there only lies the possibility of inaccuracy.

With that said, I will not have the order form up and running first thing Thursday.  I tried to make it work, but with no price schedule, it would create more confusion than it is worth.  I actually thought I was in luck and I could justify spending my whole day off working-   At 5:25pm I got the email I waited for all day.  “CHEVROLET IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE INTRODUCTORY PRICES FOR THE 2023 MODEL YEAR CORVETTE STINGRAY MODELS. CORVETTE Z06 PRICES WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT LATER DATE.”  I hop into the system to finally get going on the important stuff….  But when I pulled up the price schedule, I quickly realized, they never posted it.  I searched every corner of that website thinking I was missing something, but came up with nothing.  I am thinking that the message either got posted prematurely, or somebody forgot to press the last button to post the pricing.  Either way, whoops, I am sure it will be up tomorrow.   

Other updates:  2023 consensus starts tomorrow, so the first round of orders may have to go to the factory with no clear idea of an MSRP. 

The Z06 tour is on track to be at Stingray bright and early on Friday to put the car on display at 11am sharp.

I will be working tirelessly to get everything done for you all, please be patient with me as I am spread very thin right now.