Last 22 Order Cycle and 23 Tentative Dates

The final consensus is out for the 22 model year.  We have 28 Corvettes to build so this will take us part of the way through March of 2021 for the deposit dates on our waitlist.  If you did not make the cut for this cycle, no worries, we just continue down the list when ordering begins on the 2023 model year in early April. The only action you need to take is to submit a 23 order form when it is launched at the end of this month. 

Important details for this final order cycle:  There is a new item on constraint- Magnetic Ride Control. [FE2] & [FE4]

It is unclear if this will carry on into the new model year but I am hoping it doesn’t.  So far, the constraints have been primarily accessory items that can be purchased through parts as to not delay your order but that is not the case with Mag Ride so the choice is going to be either to remove the option with the understanding that it will not be able to be retrofitted, or wait until it is available again which will put the order in a different model year.

Again, this only affects 28 people right now and I will let you know if the constraint continues or if this is just a move by the factory to build up some stock prior to the commencement of Z06 production.

Here are the rest of the details from our consensus notes, released this morning:

  • Rear Park assist deleted due to chip shortage since 1/24
    • Builds starting April 11th will get their car with functional Park Assist
    • Retrofit for cars with delete to begin Q4.
  • 0% availablility on ZZ3- Engine appearance and lighting package.
  • 0% availability on 5ZZ- High wing spoiler in Carbon Flash.
  •  0% availability on Magnetic ride control- FE2/FE4

23 Model Year Key Dates (Tentative)

    • Dealer order guide available 3/21
    • Pricing 3/23
    • Ordering available through configurator 3/24
    • First Order Cycle begins 3/31
    • 70th anniversary available at launch.
    • Start of retail production 5/9.
  • Z06
    • WILL NOT be available at launch.  
    • Will be in late spring/ early summer.
    • No other Z06 Information at this time.
Posted 2 years ago


Stingray Chevrolet will not sell or lease vehicles titled & registered in New Hampshire, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, or Delaware.

No sale is permitted to any person or company appearing on the General Motors Suspected Exporter/Reseller List or which has the same address as any person or company appearing on the General Motors Suspected Exporter/Reseller List.

Additionally, Stingray Chevrolet reserves the right to deny sale to any person or company that may not be a permanent resident of the U.S., may live or work outside of the U.S., may conduct business or have any ownership in an entity that conducts business outside of the U.S., or may raise any red flags regarding the intended end user. If this right is exercised after a deposit has been taken, the deposit will be returned, the deal will be canceled, and neither party shall have any further obligation to the other.