Deposit Process

$500 Deposit, Fully refundable. No Games.

Ways to place your deposit:

-Credit card via the DEPOSIT FORM 

-Your place in line is determined by deposit date.

-Deposit date will be documented as the day you provide us with your deposit info.

-You will not be bumped down the list if your payment is not processed immediately.

Due to high demand, only ONE DEPOSIT PER HOUSEHOLD is allowed on each list/model.

Additional deposits may be placed only after the first order is placed for production.

Any exception will be at the discretion of Stingray Sales Management.

Update: Deposits for the Stingray list within the last 6 months have an estimated wait time of 24 months. This estimate is subject to change based on production efficiency. The current number of deposits can be viewed on the List Blocks page.


• A higher deposit will not get you a higher place in line.

• You may not transfer or sell your place in line.

• No “1st car for ‘x model year’” requests will be honored.

• Any price changes that occur while on the waitlist are out of our hands.

• We do not guarantee any pricing at the time of deposit.

• The model year in production when you place your deposit may not be the model year you will order.

• We will not add a “Market Adjustment” or “Dealer Addendum” to the selling price of your new Corvette.

Check your progress on the list:

• The Lookup Tools can show your place in line on any one of the deposit lists using only your phone number!

Stingray List Blocks show you where you stand on the list based on your deposit date and you can see how many order forms have been submitted ahead of you. 

-Call Stingray: 813-359-5000 ~ Press 2 for Sales

–Any representative in the internet sales department can provide your position. They can help with a lot of other things too.

Cancel for 100% refund.

-Call, email, or visit the store. 

-The refund will be credited to the same card that the deposit was placed with. 

-Cash deposits will be refunded via check.

-If our system is unable to return a credit card deposit, then a check will be issued.

-You may pick up the check or we can mail it.

-We cannot credit money to a different card.

-If you cancel and decide to get back on the list, you will not get your original spot in line.

-Your position will be dictated by the new deposit date.


Stingray Chevrolet will not sell or lease vehicles titled & registered in New Hampshire, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, or Delaware.

No sale is permitted to any person or company appearing on the General Motors Suspected Exporter/Reseller List or which has the same address as any person or company appearing on the General Motors Suspected Exporter/Reseller List.

Additionally, Stingray Chevrolet reserves the right to deny sale to any person or company that may not be a permanent resident of the U.S., may live or work outside of the U.S., may conduct business or have any ownership in an entity that conducts business outside of the U.S., or may raise any red flags regarding the intended end user. If this right is exercised after a deposit has been taken, the deposit will be returned, the deal will be canceled, and neither party shall have any further obligation to the other.