New Website Enhancement!

Hey everyone,

I am extremely excited to announce a brand new user tool that has already been launched on the home page of the website.

Introducing the List Position Lookup!  There is one for the Stingray List and the Future model/ Z06 currently.  When we split the list officially, I will have an update for all of the lists. 

The list lookup tool is super simple and does exactly what you would think it does: All you have to do is enter your phone number, hit enter, or click submit, and voila! Your # position on the respective list will pop up!  If you have deposits for multiple Future models, all line positions will populate.  Stingray List lookup and Future model list lookup are on separate pages.

A couple of very important notes for this tool:

  • It is still in its early stages of development so I do expect to see some bugs that need to be worked out.
  • The database the tool will pull from will be updated once a week.
    • That means that new deposits and number changes will not work immediately.
  • Some of you may have multiple numbers on file.  If your number does not work, please try all potential numbers we may have on file before raising an issue with us. 
  • We are happy to change or update the preferred phone numbers on your record, just call 813-359-5000 or email [email protected]  The representatives in the Internet sales department will take note and the amendments will take place during the weekly update.  

Most importantly, your position number will only see a major change after an order cycle, which happens once a month, usually around the third week.

Check out the new list lookup tool in the links below!  Let us know what you think- leave feedback on the “Updates From Sean” page or leave a comment below.  The goal for all of this is to create the best possible experience for you while on your journey to one of the greatest cars ever made: the C8 Corvette.

Posted 2 years ago


Stingray Chevrolet will not sell or lease vehicles titled & registered in New Hampshire, Oregon, Montana, Alaska, or Delaware.

No sale is permitted to any person or company appearing on the General Motors Suspected Exporter/Reseller List or which has the same address as any person or company appearing on the General Motors Suspected Exporter/Reseller List.

Additionally, Stingray Chevrolet reserves the right to deny sale to any person or company that may not be a permanent resident of the U.S., may live or work outside of the U.S., may conduct business or have any ownership in an entity that conducts business outside of the U.S., or may raise any red flags regarding the intended end user. If this right is exercised after a deposit has been taken, the deposit will be returned, the deal will be canceled, and neither party shall have any further obligation to the other.