Z06 Order Update

This is a brief update concerning a change in the Z06 Order Guide and an overview of Z06 ordering/production start up.

Options Update:

The Carbon Fiber Wheels are no longer restricted to the Z07 package.  They can now be ordered with the J57 Carbon Ceramic Brake package too.

This means a couple of things:

  1. When you order the wheels without the Z07 package (J57 brake package only), the car will come with the Summer only RunFlat tires designed for the street as opposed to the track focused Cup tires that come with the Z07 package.
  2. The minimum cost to add the wheels is now $18,490 ($8,495-carbon ceramic brakes+$9,995-carbon flash painted carbon fiber wheels). Carbon Aero kit is optional with J57.
    • Previously, the minimum add was $27,485. ($8,995-Z07+$8,495-carbon aero kit+$9,995-carbon flash painted carbon fiber wheels)
J57 Carbon Ceramic Brakes $8,495
Carbon Flash metallic painted- Carbon Fiber Wheels $9,995
Visible Carbon Fiber- Carbon Fiber Wheels $11,995

Order Update:

Chevrolet has been very scarce in their communications regarding ordering and production start up for the Z06.

As of today, this is the info that has been shared with us:

  • Allocation will be based on 3LT sales from 20-22 model years.

    • No further details have been shared about how the actual allocation number will be calculated.

  • TENTATIVE production start up is currently scheduled for September.

Past that, we have been just playing it by ear so my best advice is to submit your order form so you can be as prepared as possible when ordering does begin.  

You will be contacted prior to your order being placed to the factory.  

I have updated the Z06 order form to reflect the new option change so go ahead and submit a new build if you wish to add the Carbon Fiber Wheels.


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